Why Roof Inspections are Important

When was the last time you changed the oil in our car or had the HVAC technician come out to service your air conditioner before the summer heat hits? Many of the systems and tools we use in daily life require maintenance to ensure that they will be there to do their jobs when we need them most. This regular maintenance also protects the investment you made in these things by allowing them to work properly, at their highest level, and extend their serviceable lifespan. I have noticed that even though one may spend enough to buy a car or a complete HVAC system on their roof, most people forget about their roof and neglect any type of maintenance. Many of the roofs in the greater Knoxville area were replaced in 2011 from the major hailstorm that hit and have not had an inspection since. I am regularly called out to home with minor leaks and find that it is just a matter of some simple caulking, a pipe boot failure, or a minor adjustment to a piece of flashing. All of this is no big deal from the top of the roof to fix, but if not found in time could cause damage to the inside of the home costing more money and frustration.

Why Inspections are Important:Why

You can stop damage before it starts.  Identifying potential water penetration points is pretty straight forward from on top of the roof. There are known areas of concern that can quickly be targeted and inspected to protect you from water intrusion. Some of these area are old aluminum ridge vents that have exposed nails, cheap pipe boots, ridge caps with exposed nails, chimney and other flashings, and at the eaves where the roof meets the gutter. By being proactive and having an inspection on your roof, you can get ahead of any vulnerable area and conducting the right maintenance before you need a fix. 

Extends the life of the roof. By conducting regular maintenance on your roof, you can prevent damage that could compromise the integrity of the overall roofing system. Water can wreak havoc on decking and ruin the seals on your shingles.  Maintenance inspections can also identify areas of your roof that may have been installed incorrectly such as the type of ventilation system. Roofs are not cheap, so maintenance protects that investment you have by extending its life. 

Saving you money.  When regular maintenance is performed on your roof you can be confident that your chances of finding a water spot on your ceiling or water on the floor will be drastically reduced. Water in our home is not free, it will always cost you money to fix. By conducting regular maintenance you are able to identify areas of the roof that may need more than just maintenance before they become bigger problems.  

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